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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  May 11, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> happy mother's day everyone. thank you all for being here. >> great guests on the show. >> it's unbelievable. >> i'm playing the role of my mom. we will be back next weekend. happy mother's day. >> will they or won't they participate on a special selection committee on benghazi. this is sunday morning futures. still no word from nancy closy as to whether democrats are all in or all out. it's just one of the things i discuss with john boehner. what's next following consent charges at the ares the.
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where to put your money as we look ahead on sunday morning futures. >> we begin this morning with the crisis in the ukraine holding a referendum. the voeds billion held days after russia test fired a new blas tick missile. that's for joining us. >> it's a pleasure. >> what's your sense of the latest in russia? is the bigger threat upset within the country or russia
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against the west? >> i think both are interesting and important story lines. almost 70% of ukrainians would want to remain with the ukraine. there are no independent monitors so there is no way to know what the people of ukraine think. it's very dangerous and has the possibility of escalation. >> i was very taken aback when john boehner said we need to be pressuring the europeans. he actually went as far to say we need to get russian banks but we need europe's support. what's stopping the allies from coming up with tough sanctions
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against russia and putin. >> the exposure of their still recovering emmy to russian oil and gas. a lot of european businesses, their new markets are in russia and eastward. i think the german government begins to put pressure on their own businesses to do the right thing. but how much of a risk is it that as russia's economy goes down that is impacting europe? your is the largest trader with the u.s. >> that definitely is a
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possibility. that's the risk you run when economics are the main choices you use. >> i want to talk a lot more with you and focus on ben-gay zee. what event prompted john boehner to form this select committee? here with a time line, eric shawn with us live once again. >> good morning, everyone. top officials knew it was a terrorist attack from the get go. this all begins about 9:40 p.m. general carter.
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it is testified that i personally and think the command got the pint that this was not a demonstration. >> there was no question in my mind that this was a terrorist attack. >> it's a terrorist attack and i think others, i know secretary clinton and others identified it as a triflt attack and that was my view. >> the president was in contact with his national security team that night and did talk to hillary clinton by phone at 10:00 p.m. the next morning they stood together in the rose garden. >> no act of terror will ever
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shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. today we mourn for more americans that represent the very best of the united states. >> the u.s. senate select committee found some intelligence suggested the attacks were a sprons to a protest in cairo about the internet video. that was the explanation that the white house stuck with not two months before the presidential election. >> thanks very much for that time line. what can we learn? >> the record of the choices actually made and the run up to the attack and during the crisis itself are pretty clear. the station chief said it was a terrorist attack.
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the deputy chief of mission said it was a terrorist attack. everyone acting realtime understood what was happening. we can learn some interesting things from the choices that were made. what the real story is for me is how the white house manipulated because it was politically. he was campaigning on the argument that they politicized a terrorist attack to try to pretend it was the function of a demonstration when they clearly knew otherwise. that's what this was all about.
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we beat al qaeda and there were no terrorist attacks but we just saw one. >> do you think the people watching the select committee being formed and what comes out of it understand that that is what the point is? we heard the famous lines of hillary clinton. >> the white house clearly wants this to be seen as a politicized undertaking. they are the ones who politicized the intelligence. >> thanks so much for joining us. we will see you soon. >> up next my interview with
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>> welcome back and now my interview with the speaker of the house. speaker boehner speaking with me a wide array of topics from contempt charges to jobs and tax reform and of course the ben -- benghazi scandal.
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>> we have a lot of talented people in our complex. i tried to find people who have worked on this investigation and others who have not. but bright energetic and people committed to getting to the facts. this is a serious investigation. i want the members of this committee to find the facts. >> why seven republicans and five democrats? >> republicans have the majority in the house. the way the house operates has more members.
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>> so in fact, last week we learned. >> we have four committees working on this for the last 20 months and they have done a very good job. one is when it became clear that the white house was more engaged in how this was going to be described than they had previously admitted to. and secondly there were documents that were turned over to judicial watch as a result of a request that had not been turned over via a subpoena that the congress had issued to the administration. two serious mistakes in my view where they told me they're not going to be honest with us and it's time to bring all of these investigations into one place. >> what are you looking for to
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find out that we don't know already? >> i think there are probably three areas that the committee will look at. the events leading up to 9/11, the number of requests for more security and why it was not provided and obviously the night of september 11, 2012, what happened, why there was no response and then third ly. >> you said that. how do we know that. tell us more. >> i think this e-mail that we saw.
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because of the story line was because al qaeda's on the run and we have kill ee eed bin lad. >> take us back to september 11, 2012, right before the presidential election. do you think the benghazi cover up changed the election? >> we will never know that. but the american people deserve the truth. our entire system of government is built on transparency and accountability. without that we're giving power to the administration and taking power away from the american people. the truth is important for this case so that we do not ever get into a situation like this again. there are a lot of lessons to be learned here.
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>> all the committees who have worked on the investigation are going to be required to turn over all of their documents. it will be up to the select committee to review all of these documents and to make decisions on how to proceed. >> what's the time line in terms of when the american people can find out? >> it's not going to cost my more money. it will take a couple of weeks. it has to be space provided. they're going to have to hire staff. it will take a little while. >> let me ask you about other facts.
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the ball was in her court. >> you can issue an arrest for her. >> there is a provision in the constitution that has never been used. i'm not quite sure that we want to get on that path. >> so you're not looking to do that? >> no. it's never been easy. >> why not? i'm not a historian here. it has never been used. i'm not sure it's an appropriate way to go about this.
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>> still more to come on my interview with speaker boehner including pressure and view sha and will hillary clinton be subpoenaed in the select committee? where are the investment opportunities? we will look ahead on sunday morning futures.
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to do now, to put real pressure on russia. i'm so sure that we have not pushed europeans hard enough. what putin is doing is making the world less safe and making europe less safe.
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>> will you be pushing for deeper sanctions? >> absolutely. go after their banks. the u.s. and our european allies, we can be very effective. >> we saw what can appear to be a good jobs report. and yet 800,000 people simply gave up. participation rate seems to go down. how are we going to move the needle. when i travel, i hear it all the time, where are the jobs?
7:25 am
i called the president and told them to move these bills. >> what specifically are the easy levers to move the job? we have got four million people out of work and we have four million job openings in america.
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>> tell me about the midterms. >> i think we have got a chance to pick up seats in the house. i think we have a chance to win the united states senate. and move its headquarters out of the united states. but umpteen million companies. why hasn't this been done. >> put it out in the public. you can go and breathe it.
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>> 95% of the american people to do their own taxes on two sheets of paper. they want to bring most of that money back here but we make it so expensive for them. and because it's so complicated, it only collects about 86% of what it should collect. we can help our economy bring down the rates, make it easier for people to comply. the code will be more efficient. we will be able to collect more.
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>> will hillary clinton be subpoenaed? >> i have no idea. >> thank you for being on the program. would you like to add any else? >> thank you. >> speaker john boehner. got a 401(k)? where you should be sticking your money right now as we move ahead on sunday morning futures. ñ
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>> here are some of the other stories that are making headlines right now.
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pushing the united states nations security council to impose sanctions on boko haram saying concern and condemnation are just not enough. that is become more complicate ed some could have been shipped to other countries. here at home we are learning more about the two victims of the tragic hot air balloon crash in virginia. both were the basketball program. the school says words can not
7:33 am
express our sorrow at the loss. today's crews continue to search the area for a third victim. >> and the doctors will still be in. you can catch sunday house call at its new time just two hours from now after heather and i bring you the latest news right here on the fox news channel. >> it's the stock -- is the stock market rigged by the federal reserve? my next guest has a lot to say about that and the best areas to invest your money right now. chairman of rodgers holding and it's always nice to have you on the program. >> just this morn iing.
7:34 am
>> you have had a lot of comments and opinions about what the fed has done to this market. and the american. this is absurd. the world is floating on a rising artificial ocean of liquidity and when it drys up, we're all going to suffer. >> isn't it drying up with the tape taper? they are cutting back the amount of securities they buy? >> they will cut unlimited amounts of money. and yes the fed has started cutting back. defense is going to say we're sorry and then stop and the whole thing will start over. >> be worried. what do folks at home need to know about this?
7:35 am
what happens when the market recognizes that qe was manipulating the market as you say? >> we're going to have them again. the debt is so, so much higher. all of this printed money is staggering. >> is that why you would stay away from u.s. stocks? >> and u.s. is at an all time high. >> the rule is dropping. there is jim rodgers buying russia. >> doesn't that sound bullish?
7:36 am
everyone knows you're supposed to buy when there's blood in the streets. >> he's supposed to buy low and sell high. >> what do you buy in russia? how do you do it? i own shares of the moscow stock exchange. index is to get broad exposure. john boehner said we have got to deepen these sanctions and go after the banks. next month all the nations are meet i meeting he's going to dry up the whole world away from america. this is absurd. they are already trying to figure out a way to get out of the american banks and he's just
7:37 am
going to drive them away. >> you also say china, there are opportunities through china? >> they said this is one of the three most important economic events, they said this is where they're going to put money. they are smarter than i am. i have got the list. because of the huge debt problem in china. the chinese is going to put huge amounts of money in the next 30 years. >> do you worry that the chinese economy is slowing? for the longest time china was the producer of products of the world. impacted the u.s. >> i assure you china has problems, we're going to have problems, everybody's going to have problems. >> so are they having problems
7:38 am
now? >> not yet. not yet. well, they are. real estate has got a problem. they are starting to find places to try to solve the problems. when they do, i expect to see more problems in the market. but i hope that i'm smart enough to buy when there's more blood in the streets in china. >> is there anything you would buy in the u.s.? >> you said you don't want to be a stock investor, you want to be a farmer? >> i will buy you a tractor if you will learn to drive it. >> you god got a deal. thank you so much, jim. now a look at what's coming up on media buzz. what's happening atop of the hour? >> hi. i have got a very candid interview we're going to lead
7:39 am
off with the vanity fair interview. do you remember in 1998, how it dominated the news for more than a year. >> it really did. you feel sort of sorry that she has to actually do this, come out and explain that her life has been ruined. >> absolutely ruined. people recognize her every day as a former intern for what she did in the oval office. this is the only thing she has to sell is her story, trying to rehabilitate her image a little bit and maybe find a job. >> what can the select committee on benghazi hope to accomplish? [bell rings]
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7:44 am
veteran national campaign director. when are you expecting nancy pelosi and company to be part of this select committee? >> as soon as she can figure out whether or not her democrats believe that it's going to be in the interest of the party to join or to boycott and try and portray the select committee as a total kangaroo court. that will be the strategy. if they boycott it will be risky. i think ultimately she will join but the democrats are divided. >> you think it's risky for the democrats if they don't join? >> very risky. you have no veto power or raise a ru kous. >> this is the story of the summer. so the people on this committee all of the sudden become stars. we don't know most of these women, they will be on fox news talking about this.
7:45 am
very able people and i think that's going to be a big difference. >> and two women. exactly. because what's really at stake here is how badly this hurts hillary. the democrats must protect hillary. does it hurt hillary? >> it depends on what comes out. my sense is it's early. she's above all of this. unless you can draw an indictment that she didn't respond in any positive way she will brush it aside over time. >> let me ask you, there is so much going on. the democrats will say should we be delving into this now again politicizing this when you have got the ukraine? you know, the situation deepening. when you have got putin wanting ukraine. the economic sanctions haven't
7:46 am
done much to scare putin. >> i would say what we are seeing is the beginning of the reminder of economic sanctions which are very desirable. we're quickly being reminding of the limitations. real business interest involved in russia and there's a real downside and therefore a limit of how far people want to go. there is a real risk about going after industries. >> you can see there will be a profound effect. >> the president decides the sanctions and congress can go along with it. it doesn't really matter. >> there are so many areas where
7:47 am
u.s. russian cooperation are still vital. we have the upcoming iran deal, cooperation on syria. the president does not want the sanctions to be so severe as to societily alienate the russians. >> it is also a bounce with our european allies saying they have stronger ties. . i have not heard them say before. >> it doesn't matter what he says. business people are saying don't go so far. it will not be the house of representatives who can pontificate. >> a lot more to talk about. you think the benghazi story will be the story of the summer. a lot of indicators expected this coming week. our panel on that and comments on tax reform.
7:48 am
much more by speaker boehner as we look ahead on sunday morning futures.
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not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. and we're back with our panel, judy miller, ed rollins, mya mcagain nis. let's talk economic issues here. john boehner said the low-hanging fruit in terms of job creation was keystone, mya. we pushed it back because we're politicking and not leading. >> i think keystone could be part of the whole jobs agenda. i think you node a broad jobs agenda. i would look at things from the broader piece of infrastructure, we're about to bump up for the need for a highway built and the
7:52 am
highway trust fund will run out of funds. we have no plan for that. >> pretty soon, because we get to the summer, some of the states will think i don't think i'm going to get the federal money. i'll put the issue off till next year. so it can be a very, very -- >> that could freeze some parts of the economy. >> another thing i would look at, if you're looking at entrepreneurs, how you're going to create jobs, the entrepreneurial sector, how you link the middle class to that is another piece of it and something john boehner talked about, tax reform. it's not immediate, it's long term. but for the jobs ajen da, you need short, immediate term pieces and longer term pieces tax reform, budgetary reform, education reform. >> what is it going to take to get tax reform on the agenda? pfizer wants to take its headquarters out of the united
7:53 am
states to acquire astrazeneca. highest tax rate on the corporate side in the world. >> it's on the agenda but you can't find consensus. the camp bill, an interesting bill, could never pass today. it could not pass the senate. it's great for lowering taxpayers rates but the financial community gets hid hard. they're the ones with the lobbyists and everything else. >> i don't see it happening. >> i don't think it is on the agenda. chairman camp came out with an excellent starting point. members of both sides said this is a starting point. leadership has walked away from tax reform, the white house isn't pushing tax reform, the leaders need to talk about it and deal with the tradeoffs. you're absolutely right. the lobbying bonanza that will come around tax reform is going to become unprecedented. >> there are three major things we need to deal with and there's plans out there, none of which are successful. immigration, the senate has a plan. tax reform has a plan, it's not
7:54 am
going to go anywhere and basically there is the whole corporate restructuring, budgetary restructuring and that's not going anywhere. >> do we sit and wait for the next five or six months, nothing gets done from the midterms, right? i said this to speaker boehner, he said a lot gets done in fact. >> i didn't mean to cut you off. sorry. i would argue nothing will get done until the next presidential electi election. >> we've been stuck on so many issues that should have moved forward from immigration to the budget. the dysfunction in washington is keeping any of these big issues from moving forward. >> that's the issue, is it not? who will the public blame for that? lack of leadership or stonewalling by republicans in congress? i think we're getting a hint of that in the midterms. >> what are the implications if in fact boehner is right and the gop takes the senate and wins more seats in the house? >> there's no way the president can declare when he's sitting at 40% approval ratings that the country is behind him. the country is not behind him. i think, if anything, he gets
7:55 am
weaker in the last two years and you'll find every single democrat, i assume hillary is the only one that will run for president, but if there are others, they'll get as far away from him as they can in the next two wea two years. >> hillary runs for president. will benghazi matter? >> i don't know. >> we'll take a short break. the one thing to watch for in the week ahead, that next on "sunday morning futures." back in a moment.
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we're back with our panel. what is the one big thing to watch in the week ahead? mya, what's your one thing? >> i think in the coming weeks you should watch what's going to happen with the fight over tax extenders, the number of tax break which is have expired and the house and senate want to put a lot of them back in place. some permanently, some for the next couple years. but the real question is, are
7:59 am
they going to talk even about paying for them? right now, all of the plans will just layer the cost on to the national debt. this is just a huge back sliding from where we've been, where people have understood that the long-term debt is unsustainable. layering more and more borrowing will make the situation worse. >> ed, what's your one thing? >> if you're a young man and you want to be rich, don't go to harvard business school, be a rap star. if apple buys beats. >> judy? >> boko haram. will we become the country that's going to show them how to get those girls back? now that michelle obama has taken such an up-front and personal position. >> we'll be watching all of that. i guess i'm watching the fed next week, fed governors and presidents speaking out.
8:00 am
thank you so our panel and thank you all for being with us. have a wonderful mother's day. that will do it for "sunday morning futures" today. i'm maria bartiromo. "mediabuzz" with howard kurtz is next. have a great mother's day. on the buzz meter this sunday, monica lewinsky, breaking her silence in "vanity fair," saying that the media along with bill clinton's as and a special prosecutor maid her a scapegoat in the impeachment scandal. why is the press still treating her as a laughing stock when clinton is portrayed as a global startsman? >> getting and keeping my immunity became very important to me. i needed to take care of myself and my family. no one else was worried about me. >> is it time, 16 years later, for the pundits to cut her some slack? will lewinsky's re-emergence affect the